Blanton-Hanbury Room

The Blanton-Hanbury Room is named after the couple who originally owned the massive bedroom set. Mr. Blanton, who was from the Farmville area, traveled to the 1900 Centennial Fair in Philadelphia where he purchased this set for his bride-to-be, Miss Hanbury.

This furniture remained in their family for many years; however, due to its size it became difficult to move into their modern-day sized homes. The family donated this queen bedroom set in the Blanton and Hanbury names and asked that we create a museum quality Victorian bedroom.

The bedroom contains hand-painted wallpaper, a one-of-a-kind carpet hand-made for us in France using the small looms typical of the Victorian period, wood grained doors, marbleized mantle, and hand-made window treatments. This room also features a private bath.


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