This Fall: Try A New Yoga Pose


A new way of moving your body can help detoxify the internal organs — and if done in the evening, can calm the body after a stressful day. Legs up the wall This pose can help relieve headaches, energize the body and calm the nervous system, stimulate blood and lymph circulation and stimulate digestive organs. To do it, sit on the floor parallel to and against the wall with your knees bent. As you lay down, keep your buttocks and bottom of your feet against the wall.
Come onto your back and bring your legs up the wall. Straighten your legs. Stay there for at least 10 long deep breaths. Your exhales must be longer than your inhale in order to slow down your heart rate and nervous system. Your hands can stay alongside your body, palms facing up, or on your belly. To come out of the posture, bend your knees and roll down to the side. Come back to a seated position.

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