This Fall: Start Eating Mindfully


Your meals may usually have more to do with your mouth than your mind, but Caroline Beliard-Zebrowski, Deckopedia’s yoga expert, suggests changing that up this fall for a healthier start. Focusing your attention on all your senses allows your mind to reconnect with your body. Practice this meditation for about five minutes before and as you start your meal. 1. Before you start your meal, pause for a moment.

Take a deep conscious inhale and a deep intense exhale. 2. Let go of any hurry to start your meal and calm your mind down. 3. Try identifying what you feel at this moment, with simple words attached to each feeling. 4. If your mind starts wandering, acknowledge it, but come back to your breathing. 5. Now, contemplate what you have in your plate. Become interested and ask yourself questions about the food you are about to eat: Where does it come from, what is it made of?

Does the thought of eating this food makes me feel healthy? 6. Bring your attention to the smell of the food by exploring the different aromas. 7. Take your fork consciously, and take your first bite. First, listen to the texture of the food breaking down in your mouth as you start chewing and feel the sensation of cold, warm, crunchiness, or smoothness of the food in your mouth. 8. Finally focus on the taste of your food and explore each flavor you encounter.


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