Pack Like a Pro

Packing a bag takes skill. To many people it can be a work of art. Utilizing space and being spot-on about what items to include can take years to perfect. Below are a few tricks of the trade to help you become a Master Packer!

Consider the weather and what kinds of activities you’ll be doing: Visit weather-related sites to check out how the weather will be at your destination. Ski trip? Pack thermal underwear, wool socks, ski clothes and ski goggles. Beach-bound? Pack a swimsuit, sandals, hat and sunglasses.

Buy travel-size containers for your toiletries: You can always drop into a local shop to restock if you run out. Seal up containers in airtight plastic bags to prevent contents from leaking into your suitcase.

Coordinate your wardrobe with pieces that mix and match: Choose 2-3 color schemes (neutrals are always a safe bet) so each item can work with more than one outfit. Dress in layers so you can adapt to changing temperature.

Call the hotel prior to leaving home to inquire about items that come with the room (hair dryer, iron, robe, etc.): Otherwise, pack travel-sized items. If you’re heading overseas, don’t forget to bring the right plug adapter.

Pack clothing using the “roll” technique: Lay two or three items on top of one another, smooth out and then roll them up like you would a sleeping bag. This saves space and helps prevent wrinkles. Always zip zippers and button buttons.

Organize your suitcase: Place your garments in the order in which you plan to wear the items. Wrap breakable items, like jewelry or glass, in socks and tuck inside the shoes in your luggage. Fill corners and edges with shoes and other cumbersome items. Top off with lighter items.


Grant Room

Located on the second floor this room is referred to as The Grant Room because General Ulysses S. Grant used the furniture when he stayed at the old Price Edward Hotel on his way through Farmville to Appomattox.

 The room features a hand carved lacquered antique queen bed, table, dresser set that is intricately laced with gold paint.

It is believed that General Grant wrote the first request for surrender to General Robert E. Lee on one of the two tables located in the room. The furniture set was donated by Harrier Booker Lamb ‘28. This room offers a private bath.

Blanton-Hanbury Room

The Blanton-Hanbury Room is named after the couple who originally owned the massive bedroom set. Mr. Blanton, who was from the Farmville area, traveled to the 1900 Centennial Fair in Philadelphia where he purchased this set for his bride-to-be, Miss Hanbury.

This furniture remained in their family for many years; however, due to its size it became difficult to move into their modern-day sized homes. The family donated this queen bedroom set in the Blanton and Hanbury names and asked that we create a museum quality Victorian bedroom.

The bedroom contains hand-painted wallpaper, a one-of-a-kind carpet hand-made for us in France using the small looms typical of the Victorian period, wood grained doors, marbleized mantle, and hand-made window treatments. This room also features a private bath.