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How to Pack for a Winter Vacation


Shoes — Your One Heavy Item

Given that your feet are on the front line of most weather you will encounter, this is the one area that I recommend you be unafraid to go big. A solid, decent-looking pair of low-frills winter boots that you wear right onto the airplane will come through for you again and again during a winter trip.

Requirements for good winter travel shoes:

– Weatherproof — Gore-Tex gear can be pretty styling these days
– Light on lacing — you still need to get through security, so a pair of shoes or boots that can be worn loosely and don’t require a lot of tying and untying will help
– Dark colored, so they won’t show stains from mud, slush or getting thrown on filthy security belts Continue reading

Lancaster Room

This bedroom is located on the second floor. Dr. Dabney S. Lancaster served as president of the university and lived in the house from 1946-1955.

This room features a beautiful highboy that was commissioned by Governor Stanley, owner of Stanley Furniture Company, for the Governor’s mansion in Richmond, VA. This masterpiece remained in the Governor’ Mansion for a number of years before it was loaned to the University. This room features a king bed with a private bath.